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Entertainment Ecosse
Corporate Partner to the Scottish National Domino Federation

Thistle Trophies

Thistle Trophies

Corporate Partner to the Scottish National Domino Federation

The Scottish National Domino Federation was formed and legally registered in August 2007 to promote the game of dominoes throughout Scotland.

A Triple Tournament circuit has been organised to include national singles, doubles and team titles. All events will play off locally using postcode prefixes to decide geography. Grand Finals for all three events will be conducted in central locations and qualifiers will be awarded on a proportional representation basis. Corporate partners have been secured and the Prize Fund total should be in the region of £50,000 in the first season plus Trophies.

A five person executive committee has been put in place to administer the Federation. This committee has a combined sporting administration, legal and financial expertise spanning over 150 years.

I now require regional administrators to form the operations committee in all postcode prefix areas to assist with the logistics of operating such a large organisation. All regional administrators should either play or have an interest in dominoes. In addition, all administrators should possess a sound knowledge of the geography within their particular postcode prefix: e.g. Edinburgh - EH, Dumfries DG etc. Full expenses for business conducted on behalf of the Scottish National Domino Federation will be met by the Federation.

Any interested parties should, in the first instance contact:

Billy Mitchell - Chief Executive
Tel: 01294 462492
Mobile: 07944 192519
Email: mitchdouble6@hotmail.com

Corona Extra
Major Corporate Partner to the Scottish National Domino Federation
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